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Cemetery Gates

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View of Moslem cemetery below eastern wall of Old City and Golden Gate from Mount of Olives. Jerusalem, the Middle East, January 11, 2002
Gates of Odd Fellow Cemetery in fog. Anderson, Texas, December 31, 2009
View of the Golden Gate and Moslem Cemetery from Mount of Olives. Jerusalem, the Middle East, July 12, 2001
Entrance lodges and gates of Saint Roch Cemetery No. 1. Father Thevis Chapel is in the background. New Orleans, Louisiana, March 19, 2005.
Gates of TDCJ Captain Joe Byrd (Peckerwood Hill) Cemetery in fog. Huntsville, Texas, December 29, 2011
Congregation Gates of Prayer Cemetery in Audubon neighborhood. New Orleans, Louisiana, June 4, 2006
Gate of Odd Fellow Cemetery. Anderson, Texas, February 24, 2008
Gates of Calvert Cemetery (est. 1870) at morning. Calvert, Texas, June 28, 2008
Iron gate of Hebrew Rest Cemetery No. 1. New Orleans, Louisiana, March 6, 2006
Gate of Mustang Cemetery at Road 227 near Road 30 west from Huntsville. Texas, June 29, 2008
Gates of Washington Cemetery in fog. Washington, Texas, December 2, 2012
Gates of Calvert Cemetery. Calvert, Texas, January 8, 2019

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