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Louisiana monuments

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Jean Dubuffet sculpture "Monument to the Phantom" at a corner of Lamar and Louisiana streets in front of 110 Louisiana Building in downtown. Houston, Texas, June 17, 2007
A monument of crucifiction in Saint Joseph Cemetery near Loyola Street. New Orleans, Louisiana, March 19, 2005.
A chapel of Saint John Bosco and a monument of archibishop Shao in the campus of Hope Haven at Barataria Boulevard, Marrero. New Orleans, Louisiana, July 9, 2005
A monument of Benito Juarez (1806 - 1872) on Basin Street. New Orleans, Louisiana, June 18, 2006
Margaret Gaffney Haughery monument at Margaret Place, Prytania and Camp streets in Lower Garden District. New Orleans, Louisiana, June 22, 2006
A bronze monument of General Sidney Johnston in Metairie Cemetery. New Orleans, Louisiana, July 2, 2006
The Patriots monumental statues east of entrance of Louisiana State Capitol. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, December 2, 2006
Firemen s monument (1887) in Greenwood Cemetery. New Orleans, Louisiana, January 10, 2007

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