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Thorny plants

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Caterpillar of striped hawkmoth Hyles livornica feeding on a thorny desert plant. Harrarah, 40 miles south-west from Doha. Qatar, March 5, 2010
Thorny plants near a small pool of Nahal Darokh river 4.5 miles east from Sde Boker. The Middle East, April 9, 2001
A thorny plant in Negev Desert, on a mountain ridge behind Yeroham reservoir. The Middle East, March 8, 2001
Big thorny plants in Shekhuna Gimmel Quarter near a house populated by Russian immigrants. Beer-Sheva, the Middle East, April 10, 2001
A thorny plant on a trail north from Masada. The Middle East, December 7, 2000
Thorny bush of Caper plant (Capparis spinosa) in area of in Uwaynat Bin Husayn near Simaisma. Qatar, February 28, 2015
Shoot of a thorny plant taken from entrance of Barzan Towers. Doha, Qatar, March 7, 2015
Thorny plant of Cornulaca aucheri taken from a beach near Salwa Road in Abu Samra, near Saudi border. Southern Qatar, March 21, 2015
Thorny plant of Centaurea sinaica (Centaurea pseudosinaica, Amberboa crupioides, local names birkan, murrar) in windblown sand on southern side of Salwa Road in area of Khashem Al Nekhsh. Southern Qatar, March 18, 2016
Invasive plant with serrated thorny and glossy leaves Taiwanese photinia (Photinia serratifolia) on Kiwanis Nature Trail. College Station, Texas, December 7, 2017

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